Making Time to Make Memories

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the entire idea that “college is the time of your life.” With how fast the semester is going, all of a sudden I have less than a year before graduation. Time is winding down in my junior year, and I’m realizing that time is running out for this part of my life. It’s made me think about how when I’m 10+ years down the road and reminiscing about “college life” I want to remember the people I made memories with and I want to take advantage of the town I’m in. Continue reading “Making Time to Make Memories”

First Adventure Abroad

For my high school graduation, my mom and step-dad agreed to take me on the trip of a lifetime to Ireland! I was ecstatic and my cousin (who was also graduating) and I planned a road trip around the country. We booked the trip with events from dusk to dawn for all ten days, but here’s a list of the top five adventures we took that I would love to go on again.

Continue reading “First Adventure Abroad”